How to Apply

  1. To request support, contact the Australian Government Department of Health by emailing
  2. The Rapid Response Team (RRT) will be in contact to undertake a brief initial assessment
  3. If you have demonstrated that all other options were exhausted, the RRT will provide a warm referral to our team
  4. We will contact you to discuss how your ACS has been impacted by COVID-19
  5. You will receive a link to our Rapid Assessment Tool where you will provide important information such as who is infected and how long your team member(s) will be unavailable
  6. Our Clinical First Responder (CFR) will visit your ACS to complete a comprehensive assessment on your COVID-19 preparedness including workforce requirements, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). This assessment will determine what support is required to ensure continuity of care and stabilisation for your ACS
  7. Recommendations will be submitted to the Department and, once approved, support will be provided as outlined by the service agreement. This agreement outlines our deployment response and expectations between your ACS and
  8. We aim to deploy a surge workforce within 48 hours from the initial request for ACS orientation
  9. A daily update meeting will commence between your ACS, our team, the Department, State Public Health Units and other relevant stakeholders to monitor developments and ensure deployment response measures are adequately implemented
  10. Our deployed workforce and your ACS will be requested to complete an evaluation at the conclusion of our deployment to capture any learnings and ensure continual improvement of the COVID-19 aged care deployment response model.