Other Services

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Review

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is assigned to review your existing IPC measures. Our SME will work with you to identify and implement a range of practical measures that will strengthen your response to a COVID-19 outbreak and better protect your residents and team members.

Environmental Health Assessment and Support

Our highly qualified Environmental Health Officers will work with you create a safer working environment within your ACS. An environmental health assessment will review your work processes and assist you in creating a risk management plan for your residents and team members. The assessment will also identify zoning areas to demark precautions required and improve your waste management circuits and practices.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training

Through the Aspen Medical Training Academy, your team will be given comprehensive training on the appropriate use of PPE including safe donning and doffing procedures. All existing team members will be required to undergo PPE training regardless of any prior learning. Newly mobilised teams will also be required to undergo PPE training as part of their induction and orientation into the ACS.

Augmentation of Clinical Leadership

We can deploy short-term experienced senior nurses to help alleviate the pressure of managing new team members, increased workforce ratios, IPC measures and PPE requirements. Our senior nurses will support your ACS by mentoring, coaching and upskilling team members to ensure the continuity of care in a rapidly changing environment.

Access to Agency Networks

As a well-known organisation in the healthcare recruitment sector, your ACS will have access to our wide network of nursing agencies and associations to help you source additional team members if you are unable to recruit through your usual avenues.

Consolidation and Reinduction of Agency Workforce

To assist with the complexities of managing multiple agency contracts during a COVID-19 outbreak, we can act as a ‘Master Vendor’ and assume the responsibility of re-inducting and retraining your agency workforce to ensure they are familiar with IPC measures and appropriate use of PPE. This will help reduce the disparities in credentialing, pre-deployment training and onsite orientation that often lead to challenges in communication, additional administration and inconsistent adherence to IPC requirements.

Administration Management

Our program is designed to reduce the administrative burden for ACSs impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We manage the recruitment, employment and payroll of each person deployed to your ACS. We also arrange and pay for all travel, accommodation and miscellaneous employment costs associated with the deployment.