More about your benefits

Our way of doing things ensures that you can be happy in the knowledge that the autumn years of your life don’t have to be spent anxiously thinking about your healthcare, concerned that you are a burden to your relatives or worried that your quality of life will be less than you deserve.

Benefits for you

Convenient and timely appointments

  • On-site GP service provides easy access and timely appointments.

Holistic approach

  • Doctors and nurses who provide a strong focus on proactive medicine and who assist their patients manage their chronic conditions whilst at the same time being available to attend to acute presentations.

Coordinated healthcare

  • A Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) provides the vehicle for a coordinated care plan. The CMA links other medical professionals and care providers, such as allied health professionals and Specialists, to facilitate a coordinated and ‘whole person’ care plan.

Convenient access to Specialists

  • State-of-the-art telemedicine consultations are provided where appropriate which opens up a much wider range of Specialists than may be available in the local area and significantly eases your travel burden.

Reduced stress

  • Timely attention to chronic and acute needs significantly reduces the need for hospital admission, a stressful situation for anybody.

Bulk billing

  • GP services are bulk billed.